The Secret Of Aldwych Strand: – Where it all started

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These are the shots Lucy was after the day she persuaded her BF Mark to help her with a school history project. Like me, Lucy knew that simply re-hashing the history of the pier would not nail her the A*. After all, everyone knows:

  • It started life as a 300 foot (ft) wooden pier which opened in 1830
  • It got into financial difficulties and was sold in 1846 for £17000
  • By 1848 it was the longest pier in Europe (7,000 ft)
  • The iron replacement pier was designed by Scots engineer Sir James Brunless.
  • Although not completed until 1889, the new pier actually opened to the public in the summer of 1887
  • The first extension opened in 1898 as a response to the increased number of steam boats visiting the pier.
  • The upper deck opened in 1908 (one year after the opening of the doomed Aldwych Strand Station)
  • Further extensions opened in 1927
  • The Prince George Extension opened in1929, making Southend the Longest Pleasure Pier in the world at 1.34 miles.
  • The electric railway was extended to its present run in 1931
  • on the 27th June 1931 – Ernest Turner ( on a works outing from the Ansell’s Brewery Birmingham) fell off the tram and died instantly.
  • It celebrated its centenary in 1935
  • It’s been beset by fires 1913/14 (allegedly), 1976, 1995 & 2005
  • During WW2 it was closed and became part of HMS Westcliff

Of course, Lucy and Mark can’t possibly explain why there’s a link between Southend Pier and Aldwych Strand Station; nor can they explain time travel. But hey: they’re doing a History Project – Not a science experiment


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