The Professional Edit


it’s getting really exciting here. The freebie promotion weekend back in August, shifted a decent amount of books and brought some interesting feedback, for which I thank you.

It also brought an Angel onto the scene… someone prepared to stump up the money for a professional edit. Yes, I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch but the deal we worked out was acceptable to both; and I’m now on tender-hooks as I wait for the edit to pop into my in box. I’m interested to see what a 4th pair of eyes has done to this dyslexics work.

I shall, as always, keep you posted…

2 comments on “The Professional Edit

  1. Edits are most important – it is amazing what one can become completely blind to during reading after reading. I recently produced a proof copy for a UK author, but then went over it again and was mortified to find the number of straightforward errors I had missed. Those horrible invisible things like ‘to’ and ‘too’ and failure to close quotation marks, for example. Also, some quite glaring inconsistencies.
    Do avoid buying into an editor’s personal foibles, though, unless they really make sense to you.

    • We only had one real disagreement: about Year 10, Year 12 and History. They wanted lower case y and h. But in teaching they’re proper nouns and titles. Still amicably “sorted” as we say in Essex 🙂

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