Help wanted

Just a short post. I would consider it a great honour if you could pop over and have a look at this site for me and give some feedback before it goes really live 🙂





3 comments on “Help wanted

  1. The navigation on that site works well, and the layout is impressive.
    I am torn between wanting to see the heading as spectacularly displayed as it is here, or having it as is so that the actual covers stand out.below it.
    In the Lucy description, remove the space between mad and cap. Madcap is, of course, a dictionary word.

    • Thanks for spotting the gap. I’m like you, I ummed and ahhed about the heading. I went with this one because it goes with the overall theme and it does allow the covers to stand out. I’m toying with the possibility of making the heading a slideshow, but that might make the pages slow to load.

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