The importance of image

I’ve been playing with the headings for the website that’s on the bookmarks we’re currently distributing as promotional materials for  the books



I just don’t know.


This is the one you are all familiar with from this site:cropped-cropped-fb33-e1396707974556.jpg

This is the one I went with originally on It goes with the grey colour scheme for the site:


And then there’s this one, which look like the Daleks have got to it 🙂

Currently, it’s on a random shuffle ( so a bit like my Ipod I’m waiting for an image I didn’t upload to turn up). If you want to see them in situ click here

As always – your thoughts are needed chaps 🙂


3 comments on “The importance of image

  1. They say the cover is almost key to the book being selected, along with the title and opening paragraph. I had my first novel published recently, and so I hope I can get a better idea how true this all is. At the moment it is too early to say, although I also am a firm believer in getting enough people to review it

    • indeed. Covers take a lot of thought, that’s why getting the design for the website right too… Good luck with your book and reviewers. I find that’s a slow and steady thing 🙂

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