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sarah-e-smithHi I’m Sarah and when I was at school I was the “thick, lazy, gobby kid” teachers despaired of and sent out of the room. Constantly the new girl, I knew within two years I wouldn’t be at the school anymore. So: I just couldn’t be bovvered to fit in, or make friends.

If Sarah was a noun phrase it would mean: couldn’t organise her way out of a wet paper bag. The amount of HW I didn’t do would fill the Albert Hall. I couldn’t spell to save my life. I didn’t know what a comma or a full stop did, which drove my English teacher mad because I was reading Dumas, Machiavelli, Christie, and Bronte. I could devour a book in hours and yet I couldn’t understand the basics of punctuation.

To make things worse, I constantly lost things. Couldn’t remember what lessons I had, or what…

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