Cast for The End of the Pier

Time Travellers and Normals

Mark – A football mad teenager who should know better by now

Lucy – The class geek whose mad cap idea to photograph Southend Pier got them into all this trouble

Molly Pearce – Manager of the Edinburgh Castle Mission (a woman of hidden depths)

Will Driver – Lloyd George’s Driver

DCI Arthur Sutton – a policeman working for Melville

Lysander and Cornelius Armstrong – twin brothers who look nothing alike

Captain Michaels – an officer who hates Italians


David Lloyd George – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Welshman and playboy

Guillermo Marconi – Inventor of the Wireless. An Essex boy from Italy.

Winston S. Churchill – Home Secretary

Walter  Nicolai – An old fashioned spymaster who is playing a deep game

William Melville – Allegedly the head of the Secret Service

Frances Stephenson – A girl who catches Lloyd Georges eye




Leonardo da Vinci said: “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” ― please comment...

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