Where the Idea Came From…

I have been teaching more years than I care to remember and I have always wanted to write something substantial. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to get past the opening few chapters.

My passion is History,  and ideally this is all I would teach, but in the current climate, you teach what is needed. And what is needed is English. This  has allowed me to read a lot of amazing books – Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird, Holes by Louis Sachar, Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian, Skellig and Kit’s Wilderness by David Almond. Not to mention Woman in Black  and a whole bunch of Shakespeare. I’ve been unwrapping them with the kids. Letting it be a joint discovery. Books I would not normally read because… well… they’re kids books.

Well actually no. They’re a whole bunch of books I have been a fool not to read.

In addition, we have 15 minutes reading time at the start of lessons. On a five period day that’s about an hour’s reading. And my Kindle has a whole bunch of books I’ve been meaning to read but…

And suddenly with all that reading, and the need to get some history back into my life, all the pieces fell into place.

This book is writing itself. Enjoy…


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