The 1949 Affair

This page is a response to a comment from Colonialist: who rightly pointed out that it’s a jolly long read to start this blog from the beginning.  So here’s a quick summary…

Our story begins in October 2013

Lucy and Mark have been set a half term homework to research the history of Southend Pier. Whilst trying to take a picture of  the lower deck, the teenagers find themselves transported to the  Aldwych Strand branch line station, shortly after it opened in 1908.

The First book in the trilogy,  is up and ready  to be enjoyed.

Or alternatively:

To catch up with the 1949 Affair… read on

The 1949 Affair… The Story So far….

Lucy and Mark find they are in Blackpool, not Southend;  and the Nazis have won WW2. Fortunately their encounter with the Wehrmacht leads not  to a summary execution but a meeting with old friends and adversaries … However while Mark heads off in a car With Walter Nicolai  – Lucy has discovered that Marconi’s secret notes are being held at Alexandra Palace – once home to the BBC; now Head Quarters to the victorious and occupying powers.

In a change to their plans, Lucy finds herself abandoned by Lady Frances and alone with Valentin Von Schmidt – a psychiatrist and former admiral in the Kriegsmarine – at the Leytonstone Displacement Camp. Her job is simple – she has to find the second part of the Marconi diary. Unfortunately, only one man knows their location – the infamous madman of Leytonstone. And he will only talk to blonds.

Meanwhile, Mark has been beaten within an inch of his life and lies unconscious in the infirmary of the Volks Palast


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