The cast of 1949

Time Travellers and Normals

Mark – A football mad teenager who should know better by now

Lucy – The class geek whose mad cap idea to photograph Southend Pier got them into all this trouble

Admiral Valentin Von Schmidt – Commandant of the Leytonstone Displacement Camp. A man of secrets

Lysander  Armstrong – a man who should be dead

Molly Pearce -a little old lady who runs the Edinburgh Castle Pub Mission


Frances Stephenson – Long time companion to David Lloyd George

Winston S. Churchill – A man who should be Prime Minister but isn’t

Walter Nicolai – Newly appointed Reichsfuhrer, GB

Guillermo Marconi – Inventor of the Wireless. An Essex boy from Italy. (deceased – but important because of his diary.)

The Madman of Leytonstone -a man who would have been a genius  film-maker if things had been different

Doctor Joseph Mengele – The Angel of Auschwitz. A man who knows time travel is possible

Adolf Hitler – A man who needs no introduction




Leonardo da Vinci said: “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” ― please comment...

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