The Whitechapel Affair

Lucy is lost. Churchill is dead. The machinery which harnesses the power of the distortion has been destroyed and the Armstrongs have found the perfect revenge: the destruction of time itself.
In such circumstances the only thing that’s certain is: it’s the End of Days.

With time folding in on itself, Mark has to trust Valentin Von Schmidt and the Cabinet he works for. Only it’s never that simple, is it?
Undertaking the greatest transformation of his life, Mark has little time to remember Lucy as some of histories greatest minds prepare him for the most difficult decision of his life.

Fortunately she is not alone. A Welsh lawyer and an American from Hannibal Missouri are there to rescue her.
But why? What does she need rescuing from? After all, as anyone who is anyone will tell you, nothing happened in Whitechapel in the Autumn of 1888.

As time unravels completely, as the Cabinet are destroyed one by one, it soon becomes clear that the only way to put things right is to send Lucy home so the Destroyer can return.
But can Mark fulfil Hitchcock’s prophecy by betraying Lucy or will friendship prove too much?

Find out as the Aldwych Strand Trilogy reaches its gruesome and explosive conclusion.

Available Summer 2015….


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