The Secret of Aldwych Strand

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The History They Tried To Suppress


During the October Half Term in 2013, Lucy Pevensea (16) and Mark Birch (17) went to Southend Pier to complete a History project: they were never seen again.

There were several theories, each more outlandish than the last. They had runaway together. They had been swept away in a freak tidal wave. They had been kidnapped: by terrorists.
But as always, truth is stranger than fiction.

Here at The History They Tried To Supress, we have discovered what the British Government has tried to keep hidden for so long.

Mark and Lucy did not die that day; they were not swept out to sea; they were not the victims of terrorism; they certainly did not get married.

They were taken out of time.

Oh I know, laugh if you want to… but the evidence is there – plain for all to see.

There are photographs of the pair with the then Chancellor, David Lloyd George, in 1909 at Limehouse.  Mark Birch is quite clearly seen behind Winston Churchill at Sidney Street, while Lucy can be found on close examination of the photographs taken on the deck of the Titanic the morning she set sail on her fateful maiden voyage.

Further evidence has come to light in a letter sent to us from a firm of solicitors – GWS, based in Westcliff on Sea, Southend. The letter contained URL’s to two blogs: Lucy Pevensea:Time Travelling and Mark Birch: Modern Day Pepys. And they do exist. You can follow the links. But you will find nothing. For some strange and bizarre reason, we can only access the information from one computer, here inside our offices. When we try to access the blogs from home, we find nothing – just a single posting on each.

Yet, within these offices we have access to their new lives; we know what happened to these two teenagers that day.

And we have been able to verify it.

Unusually, GWS solicitors  not only gave us access to the two blogs, but other documents – stored for so long in their vaults. These include the diaries and letters of David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Commander Sutton – one of William Melville’s team. They also include the cabinet papers from the year of Lucy and Mark’s disappearance.

What these diaries, letters and papers contain is shocking. Deep underground – on the site of the doomed Aldwych Strand Station is a top secret facility. Inside this facility is a phenomenon known as the “Distortion”: a fog which smells of rotting seaweed. Some say it is alive. Some say it is a portal for time travel. All we (here at The History) can say for certain, is that it is inextricably and mysteriously linked to Southend Pier.

But what is even more amazing and shocking than all of the above, is what we discovered about the Cabinet.

This mysterious organisation is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. It is our contention that the Cabinet has been behind every assassination; mysterious death; tragic accident – of every leader, celebrity and guru  since time began. They are responsible for ensuring that time goes down one particular path and all other potential futures are ruthlessly destroyed.

If you do not believe us, then remember Lucy’s assertion that Lloyd George died in 1909 in a freak carriage accident in Limehouse.  We all know that did not happen. He died in 1945, a respected and revered former Prime Minister, who lead Britain to Victory in the  Great War.

Need further proof?

Then tell me… how do you account for the unaccountable mistakes made by the Nazis? Their failure to bomb Blackpool, ostensibly because it was supposed to be the playground for the SS elite? The fact that Oxford escaped the blitz because it was destined to be Hitler’s new capitol? These decisions allowed industries vital to the war effort to escape relatively unscathed. These decisions made by a leader who knew how to surround himself with  highly capable – if morally degenerate – men, are unfathomable.

Some may point to them as indicators of the instability and madness Hitler clearly descended into, as the Allies advanced after D Day 1944.  And yet, what if his victory in 1940 had been somehow snatched away from him? What if he was beset by dreams of conquest and victory?  What if  head was full of the false memories of supreme dictatorship; of an England swathed from Lands End to John O Groats in Swastika?

Because there is evidence – from a heretical journal penned by a man known only as the Madman of Leytonstone – that Hitler did indeed win World War Two. And his victory was negated by the Cabinet.

Was it?

Your guess is  as good as ours…



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